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Weichai gas autonomous ECU installs a "Chinese core" for gas vehicles

Weichai gas autonomous ECU installs a "Chinese core" for gas vehicles

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in 2014, Weichai gas engine production and sales were booming, accounting for a large market share. However, the profitable subsystem electronic control ECU in the engine completely depends on foreign imports. For this reason, the electronic control technology department of Weichai Engine Technology Research Institute spent one year to successfully develop an independent gas ECU. At present, this smart product is in the stage of customer supporting verification. After mass production, it will break the long-term monopoly of Weichai gas ECU in foreign countries and install a surging "Chinese core" for gas vehicles

on January 26th, 2015, in Changchun, China, a Shaanxi heavy truck equipped with Weichai assumed that the gas flowed out in a linear shape and the engine could be continuously tested successfully in a cold start under the extreme environment of minus 26 degrees. According to the feedback of the test personnel, the engine of the heavy truck vehicles participating in this test is installed with the gas ECU independently developed by Weichai. Through the high model LAN ut235m for nearly half a month, it can perfectly meet the challenge of high heat resistance and cold. All the performance indicators of the engine meet the design requirements, and some data are even better than the engine equipped with foreign gas ECU

in 2015, Weichai will strengthen research and development, do a good job in the development and verification of autonomous ECU according to the process, and make technical preparations for autonomous system integration, and gradually realize the replacement and matching of autonomous ECU

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