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Top robots will appear at the industrial interconnection conference

2019 world industrial interconnection conference and China (Qingdao) many product styles with novel shapes and colors will attract attention. The international software integration innovation Expo will be held in Qingdao from July 25 to 27. This conference has attracted many world-renowned industrial giants to participate. Abb, one of the four largest robot companies in the world, will participate in the exhibition in an all-round way and display the leading ABB abilitytm digital solutions through a booth of more than 430 square meters. At the same time, abb will also host the parallel theme forum of the conference - "digital technology enables intelligent manufacturing, smart city with retractable rainwater cover and smart energy", to support industrial, power, transportation and infrastructure users to accelerate digital transformation and upgrading

abb will exhibit many advanced robots and industrial systems, such as Yumi, the first dual arm industrial robot that truly realizes human-computer cooperation, IRB 1200 visual servo technology efficient tracking demonstration station, abb begalay flexible electric drive conveying system, etc

as ABB's world's first dual arm robot that truly realizes human-computer cooperation, Yumi has brought automation applications such as small piece assembly into a new era. With its humanized safety design, Yumi can work closely with humans, especially to meet the needs of the consumer electronics industry for flexible production and flexible manufacturing, so as to help customers improve production flexibility, improve production efficiency, and meet future challenges

irb 1200 is a small, quick and versatile industrial robot. Its compact structure and easy integration meet the requirements of flexibility, tempo, ease of use and compactness in modern material handling and loading and unloading links. While maintaining the advantage of wide working range, this robot greatly shortens the distance between the robot and the workpiece, which can be called a design model of winning with small size

abb baccarat's supertrak/acoprostrak features high degree of flexible automation and convenient use and adjustment. The electric drive transmission system in 2009 is integrated with ABB Robot and machine vision, which has successfully helped the traditional production line break through the design bottleneck of rigid limitation of mechanical system, and through digital twin technology, the production line has been pre verified to calmly cope with the rapidly changing production demand of manufacturing industry and open a new era of flexible manufacturing

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