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The first seminar on the topic of "adapting to the development needs of circular economy, vigorously developing green packaging industry", issued by the national development and Reform Commission, was held in Xiamen heipul from April 3 to 6, 2005. Another advantage of heipul is its great flexibility and systematic accuracy. Xing packaging printing Co., Ltd. Yang Weimin, assistant to the president of China Packaging Federation, an Shouli, director of the policy research office, Wang Li, Minister of Technology Development Department, Professor Peng Guoxun, technical consultant, Xu Xiaoguang, general manager of Hexing packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Professor Luo Guanglin of Guangxi an University of technology, Professor Dai Hongmin of Chongqing University of technology, Professor Wang Runqiu of Zhuzhou Institute of technology and other experts attended the meeting

after studying the report of Ma Kai, director of the national development and Reform Commission, at the national circular economy work conference, the participating experts had a full discussion on the current situation and development of green packaging at home and abroad, discussed the scientific connotation of green packaging, analyzed the impact of China's packaging products on the environment, actively integrated with world enterprises, and exchanged information related to packaging recycling, The countermeasures and suggestions for the development of packaging circular economy and the new green experimental machine deformation measurement sensitivity - the displacement rate of the relative measured change of the sensitivity instigator are put forward. Everyone believes that the packaging industry is facing "a large number of fundamental changes, and it is necessary to speed up the construction of the green packaging industry, reduce the adverse impact of packaging products on the environment from the source, establish green packaging evaluation systems, regulations and standards as soon as possible, formulate industrial policies conducive to the development of green packaging, and explore a new development mode that will eventually achieve a major breakthrough in the" NHT drying and molding "process of aerogel gel for the development of packaging circular economy, Promote the healthy development of new green packaging materials, processes and technologies

the seminar discussed the next work in detail, divided the research tasks of sub topics related to this topic, and required to conduct in-depth research according to the progress required by the national development and Reform Commission, and produced the first draft of the Research Report at the next seminar

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