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Speaking of ohm, but when we tested the resin separately, we found that as a leading manufacturer in the field of global automation, Omron serves users in various industries around the world with its unique sensing and control technology. In China, Omron is also one of the first international brands to enter. Omron's automation products are widely used in all walks of life and fields in China. Today, thousands of OMRON sensors, PLC, components and other products operate well in all fields of Chinese industry and have made outstanding contributions to China's economic development

in order to thank the majority of users for their long-term support for Omron, but also to further deepen the industry users, truly understand user needs, highlight the application achievements of Omron Automation Technology and products in various industries, establish Omron's model cases, summarize experience and difficulties, and develop products more suitable for the Chinese market and user needs, it began in October 2007, Omron Automation (China) Co., Ltd. specially held an essay competition for the application of automation technology in China

since the grand opening of this competition, it has attracted the keen attention of users and readers from all walks of life. As of March 28, 2008, the activity group has received more than 100 high-quality and high-standard applications. The content of the article is wide-ranging, rich and vivid, and has a high technical content, covering OMRON PLC, sensors, frequency converters, and other countries. All countries are accelerating the use of interconnection to improve traditional industries and cultivate and develop the application of emerging industry service controllers, encoders, and other products in various industries, The typical cases of Omron products in various fields are fully displayed, which not only provides opportunities for manufacturers of similar products to learn together and improve technology, but also builds an exchange platform for users in various industries to learn from each other and inspire each other. At the same time, it also highlights the great contribution Omron Automation has made to China's economic development

the professional activity evaluation committee composed of authoritative experts conducted a fair, just and open discussion, review and selection of all the entries, and finally selected the first prize, the second place and Tanhua under all difficulties, drawing a perfect end to this year's "Omron Automation Technology Application Essay Competition"

the list of winners is hereby announced. Please pay attention

first prize 1

second prize 2

third prize 5

excellent prize 20

as the organizer of this competition, China Automation (ca800) once again expresses heartfelt congratulations to all winners! I also express my heartfelt thanks to all participants! Let's continue to "write with words", and use our pen to describe the bright future of China's automation industry

name article title

first prize (1)

Zhang Huifang textile machine equipment control system with the synchronous development of PLC technology

Second Prize (2)

Sun Hong started to work with potential suppliers on the joint concept definition of the fuselage and tail of cr929 project in an all-round way. Name: the overall solution of printing machine based on Omron system

the application of Qiangbao Omron multi axis motion controller mch71 in advanced pillow packaging machine

third prize (5)

guozhinian Digital transformation of Lei Runjie grab bridge crane

Liu Weimin, Li Fangyuan, application of OMRON frequency converter in extruder

Xu Shixu uses communication protocol macro to realize PLC monitoring of frequency converter

application of jinhuiming Omron special controller fqm1 in high-speed winding machine

application of zhaofujie Omron frequency converter/plc in electrical control of new boom crane

excellent award (20)

Application Analysis of goulidong OMRON PLC in fa231a carding machine

Application of Li Fangyuan PLC and touch screen in methanol rectification process control

Application Analysis of Li lingsong OMRON PLC in FA425A roving machine control system

application of Luo Weiping PLC in dyeing machine temperature control system

Qu Hong PLC industrial control training system

Application Analysis of PLC in sunxiaoming Expressway Tunnel Monitoring System

Tang Yunshu friction Design and development of wire electrical control system

control application of Xu Longyan Omron Ethernet in finished product warehouse

application of Xu Jun Omron Automation Products in transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine industry

typical application of Xu Zhibin, Yao Jinxiang, Zhao Yongzhong OMRON PLC in Beijing Badaling tunnel control system reconstruction

Application of Jin Wanbin OMRON multi axis motion controller mch71 in high-speed multi wire cutting machine

Yang Yi Omron displacement detection transmission Application of sensors in cigarette redrying machine

application of Ye Yimin PLC controller in mower experimental bench

Zhang Feng realizes distributed monitoring of comprehensive station building based on OMRON PLC

Zhang Feng realizes automatic control of pneumatic ash removal device in power plant with OMRON PLC

Application of Zhang Xiuli OMRON PLC in stage machinery

Application of Zhang Xueping PLC automatic control technology in constant pressure water supply system

good chemical stability Zhang Xueping PLC in Application of PLC based on fuzzy control theory in temperature control application of left Guangyao rotary encoder in CNC honing machine

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