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As the last year of the eleventh five year plan, the year of rapid development after the financial crisis and an important year of social transformation, 2010 is full of the happiness and worries of instrument people. This year, the instrument and meter industry ushered in a high growth rate of 15%, and various high technologies continued to break through foreign monopolies. The way of IOT and smart TV University has driven the new atmosphere of instrument and meter development. The listing of Wanxun, Sanchuan, Hanwei and other GEM companies has provided reference experience for the capital operation of industry enterprises. However, under the great development of the industry in this form, there are still many problems worth pondering. Domestic instruments are "applauded so that they are not popular in the collection and display of experimental data", talents in the instrument industry are scarce, key technologies still need to be broken through, market disorder, fierce competition and so on

is IOT ushering in another new information revolution or another crazy concept hype

2010 is a well deserved year for the rise of IOT, especially as an instrument industry closely related to IOT technology. Jiangshiqiang, executive vice president of the agricultural application technology branch of the China instrumentation society and professor of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, believes that IOT is a perception, a multi-level, diversified and promising engineering technology. Instrumentation is the source of IOT, because it can collect data, process data, and preliminarily process data

the instrumentation industry plays a very important role in the development of IOT. But the dispute about IOT has not stopped from the beginning. At a China ASEAN IOT Summit Forum, the State Council of China issued 1 Dr. Chen Baoguo, a researcher at the research center of the measurement and control system (i.e. software and hardware) exhibition of electronic tensile testing machine, pointed out that there are many phenomena of "blind people feeling the elephant" and "pointing deer to horses" in China's IOT industry. He also pointed out that the hype on the concept of IOT in the capital market has reached a crazy level

however, whether it's the concept hype, the information revolution, or the era of IOT, all regions have launched IOT projects, providing all the opportunities and challenges for our industry

where is the road for the instrument industry in the 12th Five Year Plan

2010 is the last year of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and the preparatory year of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan". This year, the whole industry paid high attention to the 12th Five Year Plan. This document, which is intended to determine the economic level of China in the next five years, will play a guiding role for Chinese instrument enterprises in the transition period

the 12th Five year plan clearly points out to develop new generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy vehicles and other industries, accelerate the formation of pilot and pillar industries, and effectively improve the core competitiveness and economic benefits of the industry

as an instrument and meter industry which is closely related to seven new strategic industries, such as IOT, smart electricity and high-end equipment manufacturing industry, how can we correctly grasp our development direction and find a suitable development path in the future five years of increasingly complex international environment and competitive environment under the guidance of national policies? The whole industry is setting off a big discussion

whether domestic instruments are popular or not, is it because the domestic quality is not awesome, or is it because users don't appreciate it

after the pain of the financial crisis in 2009, instrument enterprises understand more than ever that in order to survive the brutal market competition, they must only take the enterprise development path of independent innovation, brand management and user service. In 2010, the research and development of domestic instruments showed a booming trend

however, when domestic instruments are enthusiastically invested in the process of product development and innovation, a series of problems arise: what is the market situation of these new products? How about user acceptance? How to break through the market monopolized by foreign enterprises? Once, as the first professional manufacturer engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of gas ultrasonic flowmeter in China, Shanghai Weisi Instrument Co., Ltd. encountered such problems. The company filled the gap in China. After the successful development of the first low-pressure gas flowmeter, it obtained the type certification of measuring instruments and the production license of measuring instruments, and took the lead in obtaining the ISO9001 quality management system certification and product explosion-proof certificate in the industry. The sales of products did not show the expected boom

therefore, when encountering these problems, some enterprise leaders of product innovation can't help shaking their heads and sighing. The road of innovation is definitely not as simple as developing products. To make innovative products have a long life, we also need to approach the market and customers

when enterprises are merged and listed, the capital operation market is in a fog. Is there a layer between them

2010 is a well deserved year for the industry to go public. With the launch of the gem, many enterprises have matured and their enthusiasm for going public has been raised to a new level. Henan Hanwei Electronics Co., Ltd. appeared in the first batch of GEM companies that published the prospectus, and was unanimously favored by the majority of industry insiders. The application of Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meter Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sanchuan shares") for the initial public offering of 13million RMB common shares (A shares) has been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and more instrument enterprises are warming up to enter the preparation stage

in the same year, various mergers and acquisitions in the industry also emerged one after another, dazzling. Brooke's US $229million acquisition of veyc, the acquisition of Emerson's motor control department by Nippon electric, ABB's acquisition of K-TEK, the global leader in liquid level detection technology, and so on

whether listing or receiving such materials is introduced as handheld medical equipment and medical equipment shell, it is a good form of development for enterprises. But even in capital operation, there are risks. There is a risk that the equity is diluted, the control power is weakened, and the capital market may be acquired by competitors, and the acquisition also bears many debts and risks of reversing the market situation. In this volatile capital market, the industry also needs an ordinary heart and enterprising spirit to face

how can we break through when high-end talents in the industry are in urgent need

like many enterprises, the rapid development of instrumentation industry in 2010 was accompanied by the shortage of high-end talents in the industry. Entrusted by relevant state departments, China Society for testing instruments and China Association for analysis and testing have carried out research on the so-called 3-loop control of displacement control in China's testing instrument industry. In the analysis, it is pointed out that the lack of talents and a large number of losses have become a serious obstacle to the scientific and technological innovation and industrialization of the testing instrument industry, especially in state-owned enterprises

a Wenzhou pump and valve industry symposium held in Wenzhou, the hometown of pump and valve instruments, was attended by the vice presidents of technology of various enterprises. One participant lamented: "it was us seven years ago, and it is still us now. We can give full play to our waste heat in our 60s. Now we are eight (80), how long can we persist? Wenzhou pump and valve, which is seeking transformation and upgrading, is facing the bottleneck of talent fault."

it can be seen that the shortage of talents has become a common problem restricting the development of the whole industry. If we cultivate talents, how to tap talents and how to play the role of talents have become an important topic in front of our industry

at the end of 2010, good news came from the China instrumentation industry association. As of November this year, the production and sales of China's instrumentation industry had reached 500billion yuan, a record high. From 100billion yuan in 2004 to 500billion yuan in 2010, the instrument industry is becoming larger and larger, and the industry still has a long way to go to become stronger

ups and downs, bustling, a few joys, a few sorrows, this year destined to be written into an extraordinary year still ends in his unique way, and our industry will still move forward and encounter various opportunities and challenges. But these are all tests for our industry. Only after all kinds of baptism, China's instrument industry will thrive

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