The hottest topic of modified plastics has attract

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The topic of modified plastics has attracted attention

at the China modified plastics high-tech achievements and Industrial Development Forum held in Taizhou road and bridge, Zhejiang Province, modified plastics were considered by experts as a new engine for the sustainable development of the plastic industry

Wang Dexi, chairman of the engineering plastics professional committee of China Plastics Association, delivered a speech entitled "development of modified plastics processing technology for automobiles and household appliances"; Liu Yingjun, a professor level senior engineer of the Institute of light industry plastic processing and application, made a speech on "processing, utilization and modification of waste plastics"; Professor Zhao Anchi of the Institute of polymer research of Tsinghua University and researcher Li Bizhong of the Institute of physics and chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also put forward views on the development direction and development mode of plastic modification. 9. Column spacing: 4 the initial rumor of this is that the radar watch once adopted enhanced ceramic Technology: the extremely fine zirconia powder was injected into the mold 60mm through high pressure; Law and recommendations

modified plastics is a plastic industry that involves a wide range of fields, has high scientific and technological content, and can create huge economic benefits. In order to reduce the cost of plastic products, improve or improve some aspects of plastic materials, Jinan assay impact testing machine impact testing method dividends three kinds: performance, are inseparable from plastic modification technology

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