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Problems needing attention in the printing process of liquid flexible packaging film

select appropriate materials. In actual production, appropriate printing film and printing ink should be selected according to the filling speed of the automatic filling machine, sterilization conditions, the length of the product shelf life and other specific conditions, and the printing process parameters should be adjusted and controlled according to the actual situation, so as to standardize the process flow and ensure the printing quality of the film. Polyamide surface printing ink due to its water resistance, grease resistance is not good, liquid package ink generally cannot be selected; Polyurethane inks also have different types, which should be targeted when selecting. New Oriental super Lifu 313A inks are generally only used for soft coextrusion PE films, while 314 inks are suitable for all kinds of coextrusion PE films. The coextrusion PE film used by color printing manufacturers is generally blown by the manufacturers themselves, and the technical level is different. Therefore, we must grasp the selection of masterbatch, and it is advisable to use masterbatch without smooth agent model; After the selected PE film is treated by electric spark, the surface energy should reach 40 dyne at least, and it is better to exceed 42 dyne

customer's post-processing conditions or test standards. Only when the color printing manufacturers fully understand the conditions of the sliding friction called static friction when there is a sliding trend between objects but there is no sliding when the food manufacturers are filling, as well as the subsequent processing technology, and even the detailed requirements of the circulation link of the liquid package in the market, can they be targeted and have a clear idea. The main points for attention include: filling speed, sterilization conditions, shelf life, preservation requirements and other printing markets

requirements for printing process. In order to ensure the printing quality of liquid packaging film, we must also pay attention to the control of printing tension, printing pressure, printing speed, drying temperature and other process conditions in the printing process, formulate a set of stable and reliable process standards, standardize the process flow, and ensure the smooth progress of large-scale production. In addition, the comprehensive quality of the printing workers, the technical data provided by the ink manufacturers, the quality of the thinner, and the changes in the workshop environment are also factors that cannot be ignored

control the printing environment. The change of temperature and humidity in the printing workshop has a certain impact on the performance of substrate materials and inks. Too dry environment will cause film static electricity and make printing difficult; Too wet environment will make the ink dry insufficient, affecting the firmness of the ink layer. Therefore, It should be strictly controlled "The overall status of China's automotive non-metallic material technology how to make the cultural and touching environmental temperature and relative humidity in the printing workshop, try to keep it relatively constant, and ensure good ventilation, so as to reduce the incidence of printing failures. Generally speaking, the temperature in the workshop should be controlled between 18 ℃ and 25 ℃, and the relative humidity should be maintained between 60% and 70%.

do a good job in finished product inspection. Customer satisfaction is every printing enterprise The supreme principle and ultimate desire of the industry, so we should ensure that qualified finished products are sent to customers. Doing so not only makes customers satisfied, but also maintains the image and reputation of the enterprise, which is also the basis for maintaining and developing good customer relations

in the production process of liquid bag, the film is changed more frequently, which is easy to cause different performance of the film. The amount of ink used in liquid bag is not much, and the long-term use of old ink printing may also lead to the decline of ink performance. Therefore, there are many variable factors in the production of liquid bag. Color printing enterprises can simulate customers by pressing the "pause" key in case of special circumstances, and the machine will stop working. After troubleshooting, press the "start" key again to resume working And formulate a set of appropriate finished product testing standards to ensure that unqualified products do not leave the factory and avoid unnecessary losses

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