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Problems that should be paid attention to when filling toner in laser printers

now when purchasing office equipment, in addition to the price of a single machine, the printing cost is also the focus of users' attention. An entry-level laser printer now only needs about 800 yuan, but when it is replaced with a new original selenium drum of the direct digital control drive system realized by a high-speed processor, it needs yuan. The price of several original selenium drums is equal to the price of the machine. It is inevitable that users will have the idea of filling toner

first of all, before filling, you should know whether your toner cartridge is suitable for filling toner directly. Only when all parts of the imaging unit are in good condition can you obtain satisfactory print quality. The specific method is to print some samples before adding toner, so as to judge whether some parts of the selenium drum assembly need to be replaced. If the resolution is suitable, it will be beneficial to the measured resolution. If there are printing defects, relevant parts must be replaced to ensure the printing quality. Before disassembling the selenium drum, prepare a small box for storing parts to prevent the loss of small parts. Next, I will tell you the steps of disassembly. I hope it will be helpful for you to fill the toner yourself

disassemble the photosensitive drum

the photosensitive drum is the most critical and easily damaged component. The organic photoconductive layer on the surface of the photosensitive drum is very easy to be bruised and scratched, and is vulnerable to strong light damage. Incorrect handling is likely to leave defects in a good photosensitive drum during printing, so in the folding process, we should not only avoid direct sunlight, but also avoid the long-term exposure of fluorescent lamps. It is forbidden for hard objects to collide with the surface of the drum, and it is forbidden to directly touch the coating of the printing area of the drum with hands, so as to avoid leaving sweat and oil stains, which will produce bad prints

disassemble the magnetic roller

the magnetic roller is one of the components that have the greatest impact on the blackness of printed products. The thickness and roughness of the black coating will change with continuous use. The black coating of the magnetic roller is the most easily scratched. The magnetic roller is composed of aluminum sleeve and magnetic core. Due to the role of the magnetic core, some small metal parts are easy to be adsorbed to the surface of the magnetic roller. In the process of relative movement, the coating of the magnetic sleeve will be scratched off. In addition, during the folding process, the magnetic roller is also easy to be adsorbed to the surrounding metal parts, causing accidental coating damage. The lack of black coating will lead to the lack of words or patterns on the print. Therefore, during disassembly and assembly, the magnetic roller should be held firmly, and should not be placed casually. It should be placed away from other metal parts to avoid being bruised by hard objects. After blowing off the toner absorbed on the magnetic roller, if the black coating on the magnetic roller looks very thin, or even the color of the aluminum base or the surface looks very bright, then the printed matter produced by such a magnetic roller will be light, and the magnetic roller or magnetic roller sleeve should be replaced

disassembling the powder bin scraper

the powder discharging knife is under the magnetic roller, which controls the thickness of the carbon powder layer on the magnetic roller and assists the carbon powder to rub the charged parts. It is composed of metal stamping parts and a polyurethane rubber strip. The rubber strip must have a certain hardness and be flat in order to evenly control the acceleration signal-to-noise ratio and the total root mean square value of the in band and out of band acceleration than the thickness of the carbon powder layer, and can effectively make the carbon powder charged and rub for a long time, The rubber part will age, deform, bend and lose elasticity, which will lose its application function. Prints will be excellent in light, black spots, black lines, uneven blackness, and even powder leakage. The rubber strip can't be recovered after aging, only a new one

disassembly and cleaning scraper

the composition of the cleaning scraper is very similar to that of the powder bin scraper, except that it uses a slightly harder polyurethane rubber. Of course, its function is different from that of the powder bin scraper. The state of the rubber material of the cleaning scraper and the knife edge are very important. After long-term use, the rubber will age and deform, and the knife edge will often appear gaps, and local bottom ash or vertical light black lines will appear on the prints. Such a cleaning scraper can no longer be used The cleaning scraper needs to be replaced in time

disassemble the charging roller

the surface layer of the charging roller will often be worn due to the long-term use of bonding toner, toner additives and paper scraps. These phenomena will cause the bottom ash or black spots of the print. Before filling the toner, gently wipe it with a soft cloth (with some special reagents, do not use alcohol). Be sure to clean its surface as much as possible in order to effectively charge the photosensitive drum. If the surface is found to be damaged, do not use it again. If you continue to use it, it will not only affect the charging, but also puncture the drum core

the blade

is used together with the scraper to seal. When the blade is deformed, it is easy to cause powder leakage from the waste powder bin, leaving irregular ink dots and black lines on the surface of the print

electrical contact

all the photosensitive drums, magnetic rollers and charging rollers in the selenium drum assembly have contacts connected with the machine. Pay attention to the cleaning and continuity of the contacts during assembly

positioning problem

each component has its own fixed position, which is generally positioned by pins or screws, while the powder bin and waste powder bin are positioned by plastic clips, screws or connecting shaft cores respectively. All parts must be installed in place during assembly, so that the selenium drum can be used normally

finally, the trial run. When the selenium drum is used in the machine, the photosensitive drum, charging roller and magnetic roller rotate. After assembling these accessories, it is necessary to increase by 5.8% year-on-year to drive its driving gear and check whether it can rotate flexibly. After the powder box is loaded, push the drum gear again according to the normal rotation direction of the drum to ensure that the photosensitive drum can rotate flexibly before the selenium drum can be used, otherwise the machine will be damaged

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