Treatment of the hottest metallurgical gas acciden

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Treatment of metallurgical gas accidents

I. treatment rules for gas accidents

1. In case of gas poisoning, fire, explosion and a large amount of gas leakage, it should be reported to the enterprise production control room and the enterprise gas rescue station immediately. In case of gas fire accident, fire alarm should be immediately hung up, and in case of gas poisoning accident, the nearby hospital or health center should be immediately notified. After the accident, the accident situation should be quickly found out and corresponding measures should be taken to prevent the expansion of the accident

2. All personnel rescuing the accident should obey the unified leadership and command, and the commander should be the enterprise leader (factory director, workshop director or general person in charge on duty)

3. Dangerous areas should be marked out at the scene of the accident, and sentries should be arranged to prevent non rescue personnel from entering. Rescuers entering gas hazardous areas should wear respirators and should not use gauze El masks or other appliances that are not suitable for preventing gas poisoning

4. Before identifying the cause of the accident and taking necessary safety measures, the following specifications should not be customized for coal: M6, M8, M10; The air supply facilities are restored

II. Treatment of gas poisoning

1. Quickly and timely rescue the poisoned person from the gas dangerous area, carry him to a place with fresh air, remove all clothes that hinder breathing, and pay attention to keeping warm. The rescue site should be kept quiet and ventilated, and special personnel should be assigned to maintain order

2. For mild poisoning, if headache, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms occur, the operation is more intuitive, simple and safe, and can be directly sent to the nearby Health Center for first aid

3. In case of severe poisoning, such as unconsciousness, El foaming and other symptoms, inform the gas rescue station and the nearby hospital or health center to rush to the scene for first aid

4. If the poisoned person has stopped breathing, he should immediately do artificial respiration on the site and use a hematoxylin device. At the same time, he should notify the gas rescue station and the nearby hospital or health center to rush to the scene for rescue

5. Before the poisoned person regains consciousness, he shall not be sent to a distant hospital for first aid with an emergency ambulance. When he is sent to a nearby hospital for rescue, effective first aid measures shall be taken on the way, and medical personnel shall be escorted

6. Qualified enterprises should set up hyperbaric oxygen silos to rescue and treat gas poisoning patients

III. treatment of gas ignition with good stability

1. When the gas facility is on fire, the gas pressure should be gradually reduced and a large amount of steam or nitrogen should be connected, but the minimum gas pressure in the facility should not be less than 100Pa (10.2mmh2o). Do not suddenly close the gas gate valve or seal the water seal to prevent backfire and explosion. If the gas pipeline with diameter less than or equal to 100mm is on fire, the gas valve can be directly closed to extinguish the fire

Cylindrical copper body

2. Gas isolating device, pressure gauge or steam and nitrogen joint shall be controlled and operated by special personnel

IV. treatment of gas explosion accident

1. After a gas explosion accident occurs, the gas source should be cut off immediately and the remaining gas should be treated quickly

2. Strengthen the alert to the explosion site

3. There should be no fire source within 40m of the explosion site

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