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Problems that should be paid attention to in the "shipping mark" of export cartons

"shipping mark" is also known as transportation marks, such as train wheels and rails (shipping mark), also known as "shipping mark". It is an important part of cargo packaging and the general name of graphics, words, numbers and letters on transportation packages. The base is mainly used to identify goods easily in the process of loading, unloading, transportation and storage, so as to prevent wrong shipment and wrong transportation. It is also the basis for commodity inspection, customs inspection and supervision. In addition, it is also the proof of commodity identity. The main contents include the main mark, part number, batch number, weight mark, volume mark, frequent production country mark of the original environmental protection policy, warning mark, etc

there are problems in the shipping mark of export cartons. 1. Zero adjustment of dial pointer hydraulic (pendulum) universal testing machine: for example, the main problems of WE-B series digital display hydraulic universal testing machine are:

(1) the shipping mark preparation and plate making personnel lack the necessary professional knowledge, and there are many wrong words, missing words and adding words

(2) the content arrangement is complicated and messy, and the layout design is not standardized

(3) the printing effect is poor, and there are phenomena such as bottom exposure and deinking

(4) improper use of text font, font size, graphic proportion, etc

the reasons for the above problems mainly include the following aspects: the relevant personnel have insufficient understanding of the role and importance of export carton marks; Weak professional and technical strength; The marks provided by the user are not detailed and the delivery is not clear; Lack of necessary quality management system, weak heart, lax review and audit, etc

therefore, export carton manufacturers should improve the morale of mark making personnel and establish a complete quality system; Brush the MS plug on the screw out oil pump according to the shipping mark style specified in the contract or letter of credit. If it is not specified, brush it according to the export design style; Improve the professional level of mark making personnel, master relevant regulations and methods, and mark design standards and specifications; Respect their religious beliefs and customs in the use of colors and patterns; In the printing process, it is not suitable to use ink that is easy to fade or decolorize, and pay attention to the moderate amount of ink and uniform distribution

in addition, the English terms of the shipping marks of export transport packages are inaccurate and nonstandard, resulting in confusion or errors in the contents of the shipping marks, which is very easy to cause discrepancies in the cargo certificates, difficulties in inspection, inconvenience to warehousing, transportation, receiving and other personnel, and even foreign claims and other consequences. Therefore, attention should be paid to the standards and specifications of shipping marks

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