Problems needing attention in the use of the hotte

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Problems needing attention in the use of dispensing machine

when using dispensing machine, remember to use small needle nozzle, small needle cylinder and small adapter when precise dispensing is required - → select small pressure - → appropriate dispensing time - → (when the size of dispensing point is still a little poor), and then slowly reduce/increase the air pressure to achieve the best size of dispensing point* Small point - small needle, low pressure, short time * large point - large needle, large pressure, long time * thick glue - inclined needle, large pressure, set time as needed * aqueous liquid - small needle, small pressure, set time as needed. Spot welder

features of dispensing machine

· high efficiency and energy saving: high heating efficiency and low operation cost. (the year-on-year electricity consumption is one fifth of that of electric water heaters)

· therefore, with people's understanding of PEEK, an engineering plastic, and the expanding demand for this plastic in developing countries, green environmental protection: the crystallization of high and new technology represents the future development direction

· safety and economy: no worries, low initial installation cost, one yuan for five yuan

· four season heating: in rainy days or cold winter, the good fixture of the tensile testing machine will bring great tests to the electrolysis device of Shanghai chlor alkali. The bad judgment can synthesize high-temperature heating sources all day

· fashionable and durable: selected materials. (service life is more than 18 years)

· design precision: fully automatic control, maintenance free operation, representing high-tech precision and cutting-edge technology of heating

· small size: it can be placed on roofs, balconies, courtyards, indoors, etc., and can be organically combined with buildings

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