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Problems that should be paid attention to in the selection of main equipment of Digital Express Printing shop

with the development of the times, Digital Express Printing shop began to develop rapidly, which requires not only enough paper raw materials, but also certain packaging and printing equipment

for those who are about to establish a Digital Express Printing shop and who are interested in replacing or adding Digital Express Printing equipment, how to choose equipment is a crucial issue. Suitable equipment can not only save costs, but also help the Express Printing shop bring new business opportunities, and improve its core competitiveness while accelerating the return on investment

before choosing digital fast printing equipment, you should first consider the following issues. First, understand the printing market, especially the digital fast printing market, and understand the main types of fast printing needs in the current market, what specific projects are there in each type of fast printing business, what business is the fast printing store plan or the business focus being developed, and what are the characteristics of these businesses; Second, the positioning of its own Express Printing shop. Clearly understand their own scale and strength, whether they are large and medium-sized, chain or small-scale fast printing stores, and clearly understand the current or planned monthly printing volume; Third, what is the development goal of the Express Printing shop in the next few years and what is the expectation of choosing equipment; Fourth, analyze the budget and expected return of the plan investment in combination with the above factors

after fully evaluating and analyzing the above basic elements, you can investigate, compare and purchase equipment. When purchasing equipment, it is suggested to analyze and judge from the following aspects:

1 A good brand of equipment is the guarantee of quality, stability and high-quality service: it often has certain technical advantages, which will avoid many troubles caused by equipment failures in the future, and may tap new business opportunities with the help of the overall real-time strength of the brand and the industry experience before the 1980s, so as to grow together with it

2. Output quality: customers who go to the Digital Express Printing shop to make products expect better output quality than their usual production effect, which puts forward higher requirements for the output quality of the express printing equipment to reduce the experimental cost. In addition to the large resolution of 600, 600dpi output volume that all laser printers/copiers can achieve, black-and-white devices must also pay special attention to the grayscale effect. Devices with good grayscale effect will perform particularly well when printing black-and-white photos, charts, and design drawings. With the increasingly blurred boundary between traditional printing and digital printing, many customers take color digital printing as a substitute for traditional printing. They put forward very high requirements for the output quality of color images and the types of substrates. For example, compared with the requirements of traditional printing, such as hanging accuracy and coated paper printing, color digital printing equipment is required to achieve the effect almost close to the traditional printing quality

3. Equipment speed: the business of Digital Express Printing shop often requires short literary life, which requires the equipment to have high-speed data processing and output speed. If it is a multi-functional device, in addition to the printing and copying speed, we should also consider the scanning speed. With the increasing number of double-sided documents, we should pay particular attention to the speed of double-sided output and double-sided scanning. When there are often customers waiting for it, the output speed of the home page is also one of the key factors to be considered

4. Productivity: in addition to the processing, input and output speed of the equipment, special attention should be paid to the monthly load of the equipment, that is, the maximum printing volume per month. This is one of the elements of productivity, and it is also a key factor for fast printing stores to compete in the market

5. Other performance: in addition to the standard technical indicators, the excellent performance of some equipment can provide new printing businesses with higher added value for Express Printing stores, such as variable information printing, database management and equipment management

6. Total cost of ownership: in the face of cost pressure, fast print shop investors hope to obtain higher production efficiency at less cost. In fact, the actual cost cannot only depend on the equipment cost and the single output cost. Easy to understand and operate interface can reduce training costs. Making full use of virtual printers can automatically carry out production tracking management and shift management. Standard subsequent binding can greatly improve the production speed of finished products, reduce losses and reduce the total cost of finished products. Therefore, the overall cost of ownership should be considered when choosing equipment

7. Service: for all fast printing equipment, after-sales service is crucial. The long-term and high-load operation of the equipment will have the possibility of failure and replacement of consumables at any time, which requires a convenient and worry free after-sales service. In addition, Fuji Xerox's "full warranty service" is very suitable for Digital Express printing shops with large printing volume. Although the "full warranty service" is charged by sheet, the maintenance, repair, replacement of consumables and other work of the equipment are all carried out by Fuji Xerox. This service actually transfers the risk to Fuji Xerox

at the same time, for Digital Express Printing stores of different sizes, comprehensive evaluation should be carried out from many aspects when selecting equipment, and finally choose to buy

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