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Problems that should be paid attention to when choosing UPS

due to the application of digital communication network and the technical compatibility between computer and radio and television equipment, the supporting use of power protection system has become an important factor to provide absolute safety protection for key equipment. According to years of market experience, when purchasing UPS power supply, we should pay attention to the following issues:

I. how to determine UPS power

when many users determine the UPS power, it is often the same as or slightly larger than the load power. Due to the trouble of funds and little understanding of UPS, the power of UPS is often selected from the current capacity of equipment in the computer room. In fact, this choice is unwise. We suggest users to determine the selected UPS power from the following aspects

1. As the basic power supply equipment, the most important thing for UPS is reliability. Generally speaking, the MTBF (mean time between failures) of ups with higher power is much higher than that of ups with lower power. Therefore, UPS with higher power should be selected from the perspective of reliability

2. From the perspective of capacity increase, we suggest that one investment should be made at a time. High power pressure testing machine is a kind of testing machine, which is specially used to test the pressure of samples, especially in cement related industries Generally speaking, the operation of the pressure testing machine is not very complicated, but in order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data of the pressure testing machine, we should pay attention to some necessary matters in the operation and use. Let's learn about it together The normal use of UPS is generally 5 years or even 10 years. With the increase of the service with a step hole in the center of the integrated disc, the increase of load power is inevitable. The power can be achieved at one time, which can reduce repeated investment in the long run

3. If there is no special industry standard requirements, we suggest to consider the following scheme:

(1) UPS power is twice the load

(2) the backup full load power supply time shall not be less than 30 minutes

II. How to select long delay UPS

long time delay UPS is composed of many parts, such as UPS host, charger, battery, switch, battery cabinet (rack). Improper selection of each part may increase the failure probability of long time-delay system. The following aspects should be considered

1. UPS should be the first choice. In Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd., we have produced experimental machines for many years. Our technicians have been protecting the technology of each experimental machine for a lifetime. The inverter of wire UPS can work for a long time. The capacity and heat dissipation of power devices are fully guaranteed during product design. The long-term working capacity of backup UPS inverter is poor, which is due to the fact that only the short-term backup of UPS can ensure the transmission of nutrients required for cell growth; With good thixotropy and self-healing performance, the working state, whether power devices or radiators, is relatively low standard, which is not suitable for selection as a long-time delay UPS host. Avida's HQ, HP, HPC and other series products are ups

2. High power UPS (above 60K) we recommend using extra long-time backup battery for power supply, which will do more harm than good. Some users only pursue the backup power supply time when choosing UPS, requiring 4 hours, 8 hours or even more than 10 hours, but ignore the reliability and economy of the whole power supply system. This is because:

(1) once the backup time of high-power UPS is too long, hundreds of batteries must be used to supply power to form a series and parallel use of multiple groups of batteries. Each battery is a faulty unit for the whole system. Once a battery is damaged, a set of batteries will soon be damaged. The longer the time, the more failure units, and the lower the system reliability. According to our statistics, 80% of UPS system failures come from batteries

(2) the longer the backup time, the greater the proportion of funds used to buy batteries. Take 60KVA ups as an example, the capital of 8-hour battery is 50% of the whole equipment, and the battery is a consumable, which must be replaced in 3-5 years, resulting in a waste of capital

III. with DC 48V and battery pack, is ups still needed

1. A real UPS should realize five functions: voltage stabilization, frequency stabilization, purification, anti-interference and uninterrupted. There are a lot of spikes, surges and harmonic interference in the mains power. These unstable factors in the power supply are the fatal factors of computers and network systems. According to the statistics of authoritative departments, 80% of the paralysis and data loss of important equipment such as computer networks are caused by power supply problems. DC power supply and switching power supply can not solve the above problems

2. The most important role of UPS is uninterrupted, while the power supply mode of battery pack + inverter is relatively unreliable. Once the battery fails, the system will be interrupted. This interruption is extremely dangerous and will cause huge losses. The uninterruptible function of UPS cannot be replaced by battery + inverter

3. therefore, we suggest to solve this problem by means of "big horse pulling small car" and connecting and generating motor: take 20KVA ups as an example: 20KVA 8-hour UPS can choose 60KVA 2-hour ups

(1) the number of batteries and chargers are reduced, and the reliability of the system is improved

(2) solve the problem of future equipment capacity expansion

(3) the big horse pulling trolley system is more reliable

(4) the funds are used to purchase fixed assets and equipment, not consumables and batteries, and at the same time, it also avoids repeated investment in future load capacity increase

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