Problems needing attention in winter construction

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Problems that should be paid attention to in winter construction


in the process of project construction, it is affected by natural climate and the progress needs of project construction. Sometimes it can't be avoided. Usually, winter construction should be carried out. If the measures are taken improperly. It will bring adverse effects to the construction project, and it is very easy to cause hidden dangers or quality accidents to the project quality. We will discuss the winter construction and the problems needing attention in the construction process

1 make preparations before winter construction

1.1 pay attention to collecting the data of winter temperature changes in the construction site in advance. As stipulated in the code for winter construction of building engineering, when the outdoor daily average temperature is stable below 5 ℃ for 5 consecutive days, the winter construction will enter, because there is no power off state; Different electrode connecting wires for different connections, before the project is about to enter the winter construction, it is necessary to prepare and take precautions in advance to eliminate adverse factors in the bud. It is necessary to collect the local meteorological data in winter in advance, understand the local temperature changes, duration, minimum temperature, maximum wind, snow and other data, and also understand the weather changes in the next week during the construction process. Only in this way can we prevent disasters before they happen

1.2 prepare technical documents for winter construction. Before the project enters the winter construction, the winter construction technical documents should be prepared in advance as the technical guidance documents for the winter construction. The winter construction technical documents must include the construction scheme and the research on the influence of humidity on the plastic structure and mechanical properties. There are mainly two aspects of construction organization design or technical measures

the construction scheme and construction organization design or technical measures include the following main contents: ① production task arrangement and deployment of winter construction; ② Mobilization plan of construction materials; ③ Labor plan; ④ Heat source and equipment planning and deployment; ⑤ Winter construction personnel training plan; ⑥ Key points of project quality control; ⑦ Key points of safety production in winter; ⑧ Construction procedure and schedule; ⑨ Construction methods and technical measures of each sub project

1.3 carry out personnel training and technical disclosure

1.3.1 do a good job in the training of construction personnel. Because the winter construction is carried out under negative temperature, it is very easy to cause engineering quality accidents because of not knowing or being familiar with the winter construction rules. In order to ensure the engineering quality, personnel training must be carried out before the winter construction. The training contents are: ① it is necessary to learn the national and local winter construction specifications, standards and regulations, such as the specifications of the winter construction specification of Construction Engineering (JGJ104-97); ② Learn the basic theoretical knowledge and construction methods of winter construction

1.3.2 carry out technical disclosure before winter construction. The purpose of technical disclosure is to prevent construction operators from violating the winter construction rules, resulting in improper operation and artificial quality accidents. The key points of technical disclosure before construction are: ① the use method of raw materials, ② the heating or protection of raw materials, ③ the temperature measurement of raw materials or finished products, and ④ the protection or maintenance of finished products

1.4 carry out the inspection and retest of raw materials and the mix proportion of materials. In winter construction, all raw materials that need to be retested must be retested to prevent unqualified materials from being used in the project. Some admixtures are often used in concrete construction in winter. With the continuous change of temperature, the dosage varies, and there are often many fake and inferior products at present. If they are not retested and directly used in the project, it may bring serious consequences to the project. It is necessary to eliminate the factors that cause hidden dangers of project quality under the action of external forces, and retest the raw materials used in the project

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