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"Eat dog food" and "drink paint"

"eat dog food" and "drink paint"

June 3, 2011

[China paint information] foreign media reported that two American women announced that they would eat a bowl of dog food every day for a month in order to prove that dog food was harmless to humans. The two girls now live in New York and jointly run a pet food company. The reason for making this decision is to prove that the high-end dog food it sells is not only good for dogs, but also good for people. The two also sent videos of eating dog food to the company's website as brand publicity

in this regard, Chinese businessmen are also quite "brave". A few years ago, a "cat and dog drink paint" activity was held in front of the Beijing architecture exhibition hall to prove that a new paint produced by a company is non-toxic and harmless. Due to the interference of animal protection organizations, seeing that the activities would be ruined, the boss of the company put on an attitude of being open-minded and loading the experiment, and decided to change to people drinking paint, and he drank it himself. Under the direct gaze of the audience, this gentleman was really unambiguous, raised his face, gulped down a large glass of paint, and smiled after finishing. Someone nearby shouted, "have another drink!"

whether the boss "drinks paint" or the beauty chews dog food, such extreme promotion methods undoubtedly want to show that their products are harmless to the body, so as to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. As we all know, environmental protection is the hottest thing in the current market, and what consumers care about most when purchasing goods is environmental protection. Therefore, individual businesses cater to the psychological needs of the public and make a "feat" of eating dog food and drinking paint. However, experts are not "interested" in this kind of "behavior, but so far there is almost no relevant design and research art of textile heat dissipation characteristics". They remind consumers that there is nothing wrong with paying attention to environmental protection, but don't fall into the misunderstanding of environmental protection - they unilaterally believe that those with high environmental protection indicators are good, and blindly believe in the results of "human test". Taking architectural coatings as an example, it is a rational product in itself. When purchasing, consumers must carefully compare and select, and pay more attention to the quality, environmental protection, color, price and other factors of coatings, so as to buy good products that are genuine, meet the needs of the living environment and meet their own tastes. As for the safety of products, consumers should trust scientific data and authentic experimental proof rather than street vaudeville like salesmanship. As for pet food, the purchase intention of most owners is also very clear. When they buy food for their "baby", they pay attention to the brand and quality, and will not consider choosing those "delicious food" that can be shared with pets. What's more, we know that filling a belly of paint or eating dog food every day will definitely have adverse effects on human health, and this side effect will take some time to appear. Just to pursue the "eyeball effect", he swallowed the paint and dog food into his stomach - Gulu Gulu, who is uncomfortable, who knows

there is an old saying, "the power of an example is infinite". However, the practice of drinking paint and eating dog food should not form any "fashion" among consumers, right? I really can't imagine that in the near future, various "drinking" methods will appear in chemical market sales, or pet food operators will imitate foreign counterparts. Insiders commented that a mature product and brand should have a clear positioning and give people the impression of stability and credibility. At present, consumers are generally cautious and skeptical about market speculation, so any extreme behavior is often 3 The type of testing machine will have a negative impact on the image of the company and brand, making it carry the bad reputation that Jinan test gold spring torsion testing machine is superior to rashness. After all, people won't drink paint as coke, and they won't be stupid enough to eat dog food as breakfast. It is understood that after the beauty eating dog food quickly caught the public eye, the business of that pet store in New York was still normal; And the company whose boss drank paint did not quickly jump to the "top 3 in China", and then rushed out of Asia and into the world. This is because, nowadays, more and more people have a good attitude: since you regard product quality as a farce, we will watch the excitement when we have nothing to do. In this way, even if the boss eats dog food and drinks paint every day and breaks his body, consumers may still not buy it. Because they know a common sense, dog food is for dogs, and paint can only be applied on the wall, and human stomach is not a "detection instrument" at all

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