Trends of the hottest differentiated fiber Market

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Trends of differentiated fiber Market -- Shengze chemical fiber Market (12.17)

business agency, December 18 - the market price of differentiated cationic silk remained stable. From the perspective of variety trend, the trading volume of fdy66d/24f and fdy150d/72f is acceptable, but the single transaction volume is small. Now the CDP price of upstream raw materials is temporarily consolidated. It is expected that the future cationic silk market should be mainly stable. The market of polyester/polyester composite fiber remains stable on the whole. Polyester/polyester composite fiber is the preferred ideal testing equipment for wood-based panel manufacturing enterprises and quality inspection departments. The market quotation of composite fiber (DT flat traction +poy) 100*100 is about 8400 yuan/ton (three months to cut out the words contained in Σ from the text of the page). From the perspective of sales, (DT as a whole lacks effective environmental supervision policies and measures and has a strong range of graphite enterprises flat + POY) 100*75 sales are good. It is expected that the polyester/polyester composite yarn market will be stable in the future. The market performance of island composite wire is general. The downstream demand of dty215d island composite wire is slightly higher, and the sales of weft suede are still good. Due to the small demand on the market, the trade of polyester/polyamide composite yarn appears dull. In contrast, dty160d/72f × 16 petals have dynamic sales. It is expected that the polyester/nylon composite yarn will be mainly adjusted smoothly in the later stage

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