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Dipu technology helped Jilin Mobile strengthen the WLAN system of China Construction Bank

ctiforum on May 13 (Li Wenjie): a few days ago, Dipu technology undertook the WLAN behavior control project of China Mobile Jilin company (Jilin Mobile for short), providing refined flow control and audit through uag3000 behavior management and flow control equipment, UMC unified management center and other products, The industry's most comprehensive application feature library and third-party platforms are seamlessly compatible

as one of the important contractors of the Internet WLAN behavior control system construction project of China Construction Bank Jilin Branch (Jilin Construction Bank for short), Jilin Mobile needs Internet facilities covering more than 200 business points of JiLin Construction Bank. According to the needs of the project, Jilin Mobile will deploy behavior management and flow control equipment at the urban exports of various cities, control and audit the Internet WLAN traffic at the business points of JiLin Construction Bank, and unify the data traceability and analysis. At the same time, it also needs to link the three (Mobile, telecom, Unicom) SMS to realize the authentication function of the verification code, and ensure that the system has scalability, openness and security

according to the actual needs of the Internet WLAN behavior management system, DuPu technology uag3 has greatly increased the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials. More than 000 behavior management and flow control equipment and UMC unified management center are deployed at the export of Jilin Mobile metro, providing five engineering plastics with touch control functions, including traffic refinement analysis, application layer protocol identification, URL black-and-white list filtering, keyword filtering and P2P flow control, UMC perfectly realizes the unified management of devices and log collection

through excellent product quality, Dipu technology has brought various value improvements to the WLAN behavior control project of Jilin Mobile Bank

1. Refined flow control and audit. For all kinds of application traffic in the network, Depp technology carries out fine-grained traffic control from multiple dimensions, filters illegal, illegal and bad pages and network information containing bad keywords, and prevents users from inadvertently accessing untrusted sites and bringing legal risks

2. Provide the most comprehensive application feature library in the industry, and fully support IPv6 identification. Dipu technology has the largest number of feature libraries in the industry, the most complete localization support, and the most timely update. It can identify more than 2500 kinds. They have prepared a unique flexible conductive film network and application layer protocol, which makes the upper behavior management and flow control more accurate, and fully supports IPv6 protocol to meet the needs of subsequent network construction and smooth upgrade when the permission to exit the system is reached

3. Rich URL address library. Depp technology provides a massive URL address library, which can realize the URL black-and-white list filtering function in different network environments, and realize the standardization of network access

4. Seamless compatibility with third-party platforms. Dipu technology solutions are seamlessly compatible with the three short message (mobile, telecom, Unicom) platform, and the interface linkage of general user information, so as to realize the function of timely short message verification code push and ensure the access of users' WLAN network

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