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key words: electrostatic copying paper; static electricity; Causes; Elimination measures electrostatic copying is to use the principle of electrostatic photography to automatically and continuously complete copying through basic processes such as charging, exposure, development, transfer and fixing. Eliminating static electricity plays an important role in protecting the photosensitive drum

〓 the photoreceptor selected for electrostatic copying technology is a photosensitive medium or photosensitive semiconductor. Through exposure, an electrostatic latent image that can be preserved for a long time can be formed on the photoconductive material. During the imaging process, toner or ink with reverse polarity can be adsorbed on the electrostatic latent image by electrostatic adsorption, and a visible image can be displayed

〓〓 electrostatic copy paper has achieved breakthroughs in these aspects, resulting in shape, pressing dehydration, drying and pressing. 17. Constant force/displacement/deformation measurement accuracy: when the set value is less than 10% FS, it is within ± 1% of the set value; When the set value is ≥ 10%fs, it is within ± 0.1% of the set value; During the production process of light and coiling, the paper surface is rubbed, which is an important reason for the generation of static electricity. These static electricity produce "adhesion", "flying" and other operational obstacles when cutting paper, and absorb dust; "Stacking" will occur during copying, affecting the paper feeding. When the voltage of the electrostatic charge on the paper is too high, it will neutralize or weaken the electrostatic attraction of the photosensitive drum through the negative charge carried by the paper and toner, which will affect the copy quality and effect

〓 methods to eliminate static electricity:

〓 (1) use static eliminator. Install the radioisotope electrostatic eliminator in the calender inside the machine to eliminate static electricity

〓 (2) use electrostatic generator. Install the electrostatic generator under the scraper behind the calender to neutralize the static electricity generated by the paper

〓〓 (3) use a good conductor of electricity to lead out static electricity. Use brass tubes to guide electrostatic charges into the ground through wires to eliminate static electricity

〓 〓 (4) the iron content of molten primary aluminum in work areas 3 and 6 of electrolytic plant 2 was successfully reduced to less than 0.08%. For example, a small amount of sodium chloride is added to the surface sizing agent to increase the conductivity of electrostatic copy paper and avoid the accumulation of electrostatic charges on the paper

〓 in the ZBY standard, the concept of volume resistance is used to measure the electrical insulation of electrostatic copy paper. The volume resistance of both front and back sides of electrostatic copy paper shall not be less than 1 × 107~1 × 105Ωcm。 The test method is to use a direct reading megger and a 50mm diameter flat plate to measure the three electrode system

〓 in fact, the surface resistance of electrostatic copying paper will also affect the quality and effect of copying. Generally, when the surface resistance is high, the colorant will transfer smoothly under the action of electric field, and the sharpness of copying will be improved

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